Teen Author | Neurodiversity Advocate | Stanford Neurodiversity Project Member

Upcoming Events

I am honoured to be speaking at the NYC Autism Tech Innovation and Careers Expo taking place on May 7th, 2022.

  • The conference will have Speakers on Autism Tech, Innovation and Careers throughout the day (auditorium) and demos of their amazing apps and services.
  • Exhibitors with mobile apps, VR/AR, offering innovative autism services and support to meet with parents and caregivers across tables (cafeteria).

  • A big VR/AR room where children and young adults can wear VR headsets to experience VR environments for eLearning and esports games (gymnasium).

  • Corporate sponsors with autism diversity hiring programs to meet with autistic job seekers across tables (large outdoor space).

Purchase tickets below!

Current Projects

I created “The All-Inclusive Guide to Neurodiversity” in response to the underwhelming resources regarding different neurological types.

  • This book hosts a variety of educational topics surrounding the concept of neurodiversity, from learning about terminology to the origin of the Neurodiversity movement. As a person with ADHD and autism, I hope to use my own experiences to help others.

  • Alongside the illustrative graphics, readers of all ages will realize that through embracing our differences, we can all better appreciate ourselves as individuals.

The book is available now on Amazon.


Get in touch at [laurenapearsonn@gmail.com]


Founder and President


DiverseNeuro is a neurodiversity organization that aims to combat misinformation surrounding different neurological types. As the founder and president of DiverseNeuro, I manage partnerships and collaborations with fellow neurodivergent shops and creators.

I have created a chapter program to allow outside organizations to adapt their own "DiverseNeuro" club within a school or community setting. I also oversee the executive team which includes members from across North America. We have amassed a total of over 4000+ website viewers. I also led an executive team with members from across North America.

Stanford Neurodiversity Project

SNP NNEA Core Committee Member


The Stanford Neurodiversity Project (SNP) and NNEA are led by Stanford Assistant Professor Dr. Lawrence Fung, who continues to contribute to the neurodiversity population both at Stanford University and across the globe.

I serve on the NNEA Core Committee alongside 11 members from around the globe. With my role, I attend weekly and monthly meetings with other teen activists from around the world. I am also leading the educational resource implementation idea by creating resources for distribution in classrooms around the world.

AUesome.co LLC

Public Relations Director


AUesome is a social enterprise that focuses on providing accessible at-home therapy kits to families with autistic children. Through the distribution of these kits, AUesome also provides easy-to-access video demonstrations which utilize the projects that accompany the therapy kits. At AUesome, I work on aiding international distribution efforts across North America and the Globe.

With my role at AUesome, I oversee all potential partnerships with other non-profits and companies around the world. I also produced marketing materials related to building up the Public Relations Team at AUesome.

The Blyth Daily

Head Journalist

(Burlington Campus)

Learn more at https://www.blythdailynews.ca/

I am apart of the school newspaper team in addition to being a part of the journalism club. I am the lead journalist at my specific campus and I oversee everything related to the publication of the newspaper.

I conduct interviews and collect updates from extracurriculars around the school.

McMaster Children's Hospital

Youth Advisory Council Member (YAC)

The McMaster Children’s Hospital Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is a volunteer committee of youth, aged 12-18 years. The purpose of the council is to bridge the gap between patients and peers instead of providing feedback to help improve the quality of patient satisfaction.

On the YAC, I help improve patient satisfaction within the Hamilton Health Sciences communities. I also work alongside other youth to help plan hospital-wide events.

City of Burlington

Burlington Student Youth Council Chair (BYSC)

The BYSC is made up of high school-aged students from Burlington who are looking to learn more about City initiatives, get involved, provide feedback and get engaged.

I lead the student youth council alongside the recreation manager of my municipal government. I help run meetings and complete administrative tasks serving over 40+ members of the BYSC.